Anti-Stress Krew is all about stress management.
A.S.K. was born in the middle of an extremely stressful chapter of my life. At the time I was living in a new city, bought a new car, and was renting a new apartment. Life was going great!...and then everything fell apart. 

Prior to things falling apart, I would start my day writing in a journal to keep myself organized but then this journal became the tool I needed to keep myself from getting overwhelmed. That journal allowed me to stop thinking about the problem as a whole and instead focus on what I can do each day to fix my situation (big or small).

I firmly believe that when you hit rough patches in life the most important thing for you to do is remain calmProper management of emotion allows you to stay on course or make the proper adjustments.

(Verb) To Be The Calm Within The Storm.

You have to approach life with a plan. When a boat leaves the dock, the captain knows where she/he is headed. The captain doesn't expect the voyage to be void of adversity and his/her Krew trusts the captain to remain calm to lead them to safety when a storm shows up. Anti-Stress is not about avoiding stressful situations; it's about not allowing the stress to consume you. Stress is necessary. Resistance creates strength. 

Keep Calm,
Matthew "RichBreed" Pierce